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Taking out the Termites

I was devastated to discover that my home had termites, especially when I got a look at the damaged they’d already caused. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to fix the damage at all, and I couldn’t even begin until the termites were gone. It was terrible. Luckily, I found a great exterminator, and I was able to get the bugs out of the house. The exterminator even recommended a contractor that could help with repairing termite damage. I was lucky, so I decided to start this blog to help other people avoid termite damage, or get past it. Find out how to spot the early signs of a termite infestation and how to minimize termite damage to your home.

Fiberglass Windows Are Ideal For Custom Homes

Updating the windows in your home is a great way to ultimately decrease your utility bills. No matter what type of climate you live in, you will benefit from investing in new windows. They can help reduce heat loss during the winter and increase insulation during the summer. Regardless of where you live, you should see lower utility bills. This article explains why fiberglass is a great product for buyers looking for the most efficient window material.

Fiberglass is Energy Efficient

Fiberglass is a very energy efficient product that has great R-value ratings. The R-value is basically a measure of the rate at which heat is transferred through the window. The more insulation a window has, the higher the R-value is. A higher R-value usually comes with a higher price tag too. But, the investment is well worth it when you consider the money you end up saving on your utility bills. To find the best fiberglass window for your climate, you should refer to the Energy Star map. This way you can find the suggested value for your climate. You can always buy a product with more insulation, but that is not always cost effective.

Don't Forget that Fiberglass is Stylish Too

Fiberglass is definitely a great choice for practical homeowners, but you should not overlook the great styles that are available. Most people will be surprised by all the fiberglass styles on offer. In fact, you might have seen fiberglass windows and not even realized it. Often, the fake wood prints with matching textures look so much like real wood that you can't tell the difference when looking at them until you get up close.

Fiberglass is Easy to Clean

You will also enjoy owning fiberglass windows because they are so easy to clean. The light texture makes it harder for dirt to actually stick to the frame. So, finger smudges and dirt stains are not very common. If your frames do become dirty, they can be cleaned with ease. A wet paper towel will probably get the job done. Tougher stains can be cleaned with most surface cleaners. You don't need to worry about cleaning solutions removing the finish or staining the fiberglass finish.

Fiberglass is definitely a great material for all types of window frame construction. It can fit into any home style, it is easy to take care and it makes your home more energy efficient. To learn more about fiberglass windows for your custom home, contact your contractor.